09 March 2010

Senior Show

Now that the show is coming down on thursday, i have finally gotten around to posting about it.  Hope you were able to see it in person while it was up, but if not, i guess you will see it here and i might even show it again soon!

Like I said last time, my senior show ended up being a revisited project that I began over a year ago when I had my heart broken and a lot of big questions to ask.

Here's the series as it was finally presented.

All prints are available for purchase, just contact me!

Here's some documentary of the evening, thanks to my dad the designated photographer of the day.

Adam Boxell

All image are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2010

Please don't steal.


andendquote said...

thank you!!!

Lindsey Wachter Photography said...

this was just wonderful :)