27 October 2010

Fall Outing

Please forgive the rapid fire updating.

I have been shooting, but not staying on top of editing.

Here's the story:  Spearfish Canyon is the absolute place to be when the fall colors begin to change in the Black Hills.  "Peak weekend" is reported in the newspaper as the time when the colors will be the best of the season.  The reason spearfish canyon is then favorite location is because of the fact that most of the black hills are covered in Evergreens.  However, in spearfish, deciduous trees are everywhere.  The colors here change into the most magnificent display of fall found in the hills.

Mike, Eric, Sam and I decided we must go.

All images © kirsten tornes photography 2010
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26 October 2010

My Love and Me

Some holga film from Mike and my hot date this past summer.  finally have it processed and scanned.  its beautiful.

please enjoy.


all images are ©kirsten tornes photography.  please don't steal.

03 October 2010

Gretchen Kindred

So.  It's been forever since I have updated the world on the goings on of Kirsten Tornes Photography.  Rapid City has been a very interesting place for me to work, full of challenges and new concepts.  Being an artist in such a small city with such a nonexistent art population is definitely something to adjust to.

Thanks to a lot of wonderful connections, I have been hired by Midwest Marketing, a company in Rapid that is very involved and highly active.  They have hired me a few times now to do commercial work for some of their clients.  The most recent project has been for a country club in town called Arrowhead.  I worked closely with Midwest Marketing's videographer, Jon, to cover different aspects of Arrowhead county club in video and still which is being used in advertisements and commercials.  The first ad was in the paper today!

In other news, I took pictures for Cassie & Dustin Kindred of their little girl Gretchen for her first birthday.  We did the shoot at Canyon Lake Park.  Here are a few of my favorites!

I'm really happy with how these pictures are turning out, especially since it had been so long since I shot portraiture and it was my first attempt with a child.  Things are definitely going well and I've been picking up my camera a lot more lately than I have been in the past few months.  Very soon I'll be taking post-wedding engagement pictures for my friend Nicole and her husband.  They never had the chance to get them done before the wedding in June.  I'm really excited for that, they are an awesome couple.  

All Images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2010.
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