03 January 2011

My Christmas Eve Post

I always post on Christmas Eve, but this year there was simply no time, so here it is.

My parent's house was set up for the holidays, so much like every year, that it suddenly (finally) felt like Christmas when Mike & I made it home.

This was a special Christmas for Mike & I too, the first one we spent together of many many years to come.  It made me so excited to start our own traditions together, putting together our separate traditions and making something new and special and OURS.

Here are some images of the first Christmas together.

All images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2010
don't steal.

14 December 2010

India Schmindia

Today I am featuring the artwork of my husband-to-be, Michael Kaiser.

In 2010 he went on a spring break trip to Calcutta, India while I relaxed on the beaches of West Palm Beach, Florida.  He came home with some amazing photography, which we have recently unearthed from the corners of his external hard drive and I decided to edit a few of them.  I am considering putting these pictures up in the gallery (Shaviq) I have art featured in here in Rapid, as it is time to switch around the art shown there.

Without further adieu.


30 November 2010

house on 8th street

abandoned places are really fun to photograph.  i used to go to empty places and derelict buildings to shoot all the time in high school & early college.  Since I had started focusing more on fashion, documentary & commercial work I have stopped shooting for fun at these locations.

This house no longer exists but it stood for a while on 8th street, or mt. rushmore road in rapid city.

more are coming, these are just a few that belong together.

images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2010

Please don't steal.


He is my best model.  ever.

And he is mine for ever.

I set this shoot up on a whim of "i need to shoot something RIGHT NOW!"

For anyone (parents, or otherwise) who might be offended, neither mike or I smoke regularly... this is a treat.