28 February 2010


First of all, I would like to report that I am in Nashville, TN - the home of so many many talented visual and musical artists.  The concentration of talent here is almost overwhelming but also incredibly inspirational.  I am thinking I will bust out my camera tomorrow, but so far, I have been taking it easy and relaxing all day long.  It's been so incredible to see so many friends and faces that I have not seen in so long.  

Thank you, Nashville.  

Next, I am going to post my senior show in a little bit.  Be patient and know that my concept changed at the last minute so it's not actually what I thought [and probably wrote about] before.  I revisited an old project and finally completed it, shooting more, revising the imagery and rewriting the artist statement.  

Be excited!!!!

Also, last weekend I got to do a photo shoot for a latte art workshop that was put together by McConn Coffee Co., where I work at school and taught by the incredibly talented baristas at Alliance World Coffees in Muncie, Indiana.

The workshop was not only a great learning experience but tons of fun.  McConn baristas of all skill sets came out to learn something new.  Some work was beautiful and some was just plain funny.

[i got a break from the camera to try it too!]

All Images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2010

Please Don't Steal.

11 February 2010

Senior Show Coming Up!

My senior show is coming up reeeeeally soon.  All of the images for my concept were due today and it was truly an experience.  There were some complications with approval of my advisor but the show is finished and brilliant and complete.  I feel very good about it right now.  Tomorrow the professors will meet, critique and approve or deny certain pieces.  From there is the process of framing and preparing for show.  

Please come if you are able.  There will be a snacks and punch!