28 February 2010


First of all, I would like to report that I am in Nashville, TN - the home of so many many talented visual and musical artists.  The concentration of talent here is almost overwhelming but also incredibly inspirational.  I am thinking I will bust out my camera tomorrow, but so far, I have been taking it easy and relaxing all day long.  It's been so incredible to see so many friends and faces that I have not seen in so long.  

Thank you, Nashville.  

Next, I am going to post my senior show in a little bit.  Be patient and know that my concept changed at the last minute so it's not actually what I thought [and probably wrote about] before.  I revisited an old project and finally completed it, shooting more, revising the imagery and rewriting the artist statement.  

Be excited!!!!

Also, last weekend I got to do a photo shoot for a latte art workshop that was put together by McConn Coffee Co., where I work at school and taught by the incredibly talented baristas at Alliance World Coffees in Muncie, Indiana.

The workshop was not only a great learning experience but tons of fun.  McConn baristas of all skill sets came out to learn something new.  Some work was beautiful and some was just plain funny.

[i got a break from the camera to try it too!]

All Images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2010

Please Don't Steal.


Lost In Reverie said...

I LOVE latte art! these images are fantastic and so inviting!

Tyson K said...

Just passing through! I see on your profile page though that you like indie music, you might enjoy my blog...


Zach Aument said...

I hassled them for a month to have one of these, and they plan it on the only weekend I go home... I was so bummed!