23 March 2010

playing around with flash

Most of the work that I do for myself right now is experimental. I am working with what I have learned and pairing it with skills that I have developed over the last 7-8 years and just being creative.  Most of the time things don't work out.  There are folders and folders of photoshoots gone wrong on my harddrive.  It's sort of discouraging but being creative with what you are learning is the best way to go even with the risk of failure.  Among those folders of "failed shoots" are successful shoots and most of the time I needed to fail to get to the success.

I have yet to decide about how much i love these pictures.  I did a little playing around with flash & slash.  Pop of light, followed by a long exposure.

I am so inspired right now by the photography I'm seeing in Kristen Marie's  work.  She is a wonderful photographer who I got the opportunity to talk to for a bit.  She is based in Seattle and is in community with other incredible wedding photographers James Moes, Max Wanger, Sean Flanigan, Ben Blood, and Jenny Jimenez.  

Look and be inspired!

Love love love.


Scott Clark Photography said...

Love the one of Mikey.

pinsandneedles said...

Logo looks better! Keep experimenting and have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Some of the best skills learned are the awesome mistakes you remember how to do over and over.

christine sullivan said...

i love this first one of you kirsten... there's an element of mystery with that sweet texture on the left, what is that? i think it really adds to the image! bravo!