14 March 2010

Tea + Milk

Second photo shoot for McConn went really well.  I took pictures for the new menu item -- Tea Lattes!

Steep tea in steamed milk and you have a creamy little treat that some people really love a lot.

I really enjoyed photographing the ad for them a bit more than drinking them but that's okay you should still try one!!!

Also!  I redesigned my logo!!!

I know, I know, I keep redesigning.  I just keep on changing my preferences and needing a new design! Give me some input if you have any.  

Keep an eye out for pictures from California aaaaand a photo shoot I did for fun, messing around with lighting and some flash & slash stuff.  some different work to come.  

All images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2010. 
Please Don't Steal!


janellevagnier said...

lookin' good girl! i love the tea shoot--especially the cast shadows. and your logo looks nice in black & white!

pinsandneedles said...

Love the new logo but the K disappears. Can you bold it?

Kirsten Tornes Photography said...

yeah i can try to make it bolder. i'll work on it a little bit. it only disappears when its white against black, which is weird....

Marmalade Bleue said...

I agree with pinsandneedles, just a little bolder, but all the type is perfection. Really. I love it AND tea lattes. :)

Marmalade Bleue said...

I just noticed something else, Kirsten. I think the K, the lowercase p and the capital T in your name should all align. Right now it's a little off, but that's no biggie. Good luck to you!