16 September 2009

you're needed by everyone who loves you

Things here are starting to move full swing and insane.

Crazy amounts of work, and always something to do. IWU really overworks their students.

I have a photo shoot of the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Woodside, in about two hours for my Commerical Photography class. I'll be sure to put up pictures soon if they turn out good.

I'm really excited for that assignment and I have even borrowed a friend's ultra wide lens for shooting the interior of the building.

In other news, I recently photographed Frank Schweikhardt my friend who happens to be an incredible musician with the Crossroads of America and is on tour right now introducing his new album Life But No More. Check it ouuuuut. He's got in on vinyl and will also be available on itunes pretty soon.

All images are ©Kirsten Tornes Photography
Please don't steal.


k baergen said...

these are wonderful.
i love frank.

Robb's Eyepiece said...

Niiiice. I'm diggin how you used that light at the last few shots!