31 August 2009

Struggle of the Self

I've been thinking about the next year, and the last few photography classes that I have for my undergraduate degree. This semester will be documentary and product. Next, senior show. That's it.

Two out of three required conceptual series have been completed and now it's time to be thinking about my last and most important series. Show.

Both my last two series are a little depressing. This is because I am so emotional. When I am upset, I need to express it and photography is one of the ways I do it. The other is writing.

I posted earlier my fine art show, which was basically me processing all the things that I think are wrong with me. This show is about losing [in a sense] my best friend at the time.

I was half-joking with a colleage over sushi, "I almost want something tragic to happen to me so I can come up with a good idea for my senior show."

Art is such a language of the heart, the soul. It has the power to speak our darkest thoughts, and that's why it is so scary to show. Showing work is like stripping yourself bare and allowing everyone to see you vulnerable. The whole time you are just praying that someone will resonate with you, hoping that the work speaks clearly and loudly.

I want to say something my senior year. I want my work to do something, to mean something. I want to make a statement that will follow people around. And when they are there, in that same moment I was expressing, they will see the image in their mind and know they are not alone.

Each of these pieces are 4x5 scanned negatives, hand damaged.
Available either digital or palladium prints [limited]
All images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography

Please Don't Steal.


Robb's Eyepiece said...

I really like the third to last one. Turbo interesting to me. I'm more literal and it really made sense to me.

Way to go! They all look great with the unique damaged look!!

k baergen said...

i still absolutely adore your work.

i miss living with you and processing through all these things with you. we'll chat soon.

also. at some point i want the photo of cherilyn. okay?


k baergen said...

mam. i love these. i still adore your work and really miss processing through these things with you.

i love you so much. you are incredibly talented.

also. at some point i want a print of cherilyn. k? (just wait for me to have some money for it)