07 August 2009

Very obviously meant for each other

Hailey and Nathan Fast were married on July 11th.

We all knew this day would come the moment they started dating. Hailey and Nathan are two of the most perfect for each other people I have ever met.

I lived across the hall from Hailey freshman year of college, so I got to see the beginning of her relationship with Nathan. It was incredible to see how their love has grown and strengthened in the past few years, and to celebrate their wedding with them.

Here are a few from their engagement shoot and then a few favorites from the wedding will follow. All pictures are © Kirsten Tornes Photography unless otherwise noted. I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with my good friend and colleague Sammy Javech, and the photos of hers that I put up will be noted.

© Sammy Javech

© Sammy Javech

Congratulations Hailey and Nathan!

Please don't steal.


k baergen said...

these are incredible.

Tiffany Jane said...

love these :)