23 April 2010

polaroids and thoughts about being done.

So I finished.

I mean, I have to take a test.  And present a paper.  But I'm finished.

After the "big shabang" presentation in Senior Seminar, where I presented my portfolio of work that I think represents myself as an artist, Sammy & Lindsey & I had a last photo shoot in the studio.  I had a bunch of old polaroids sitting around that I had accumulated mysteriously and they needed to be used.

So we recruited the lovely Rebecca Thomas to trip the shutter and just went to town.  They are great memories and I'm sure we are all going to be cherishing these pictures for a while.

I am really excited to get out of this place, as much as I have learned and grown here, I realize there is so much that I need to experience.  No where is perfect, especially not IWU, but it really has become home for me.  In one week (ish) I will uproot and have to start over.

My new roommate for the next year, Sam, and I have been approved to live in the house that we wanted.  I got a full-time position at Starbucks with regular hours that will allow me to continue to pursue my career in photography.  Things are falling into place.

This part of life is very bittersweet.  I haven't even started to think about how I'm going to say goodbye to the people that I have come to love very much here and in Chicago.

All images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography.

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15 April 2010


sorry it took a million years, but you know what happens at the end of the last semester of college--- stress city.

there's a lot going on and i just submitted five pieces of work to a juried gallery at my school, the Ardelia Williams Gallery.  I turned in all three pieces of stained glass (which I need to put pictures of up here sometime) and two of the images you'll see on this post.

This shoot was really fun to shoot and almost as much fun to edit.  Lindsey is a great model.  She took pictures of me on Tuesday and they turned out great!  Check them out on the fashion section of her website!

Without further adieu,

All images © Kirsten Tornes Photography

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07 April 2010


Here's a preview of a photo shoot I did today with Lindsey Wachter.  She is an amazing photographer and model and caught my dream for the shoot right away.

This has been one of my most proud shoots in a while, I came into it with a vision and almost every single one of them came out spot on to what I had imagined in my head.

One of the major reasons why I felt the need to use Lindsey for this session is that I have noticed that I sometimes have a difficult time communicating my concept for a shoot or image to my model.  Therefore, they have a hard time modeling for me.  I asked her to be my model so she could help me direct her in a more clear way.  I feel that  since she caught on to my vision quickly, she was really able to critique my communication skills well.  Isn't she just beautiful!?!?

Be waiting for more!

04 April 2010

Simple headshots with my hotshot.

So my wonderful boyfriend Mike Kaiser is going to be published in the Steinbeck Review [for the second time!!!].  The first publication was a poem he wrote based on a story by Steinbeck.  This one will be an essay he wrote and submitted to a contest.

Yesterday we went out to take pictures for the headshot that will be used.  The pictures look good pretty much just because he is an attractive guy, but there were a few that I really loved.

[this is the one that will be published!]

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