15 April 2010


sorry it took a million years, but you know what happens at the end of the last semester of college--- stress city.

there's a lot going on and i just submitted five pieces of work to a juried gallery at my school, the Ardelia Williams Gallery.  I turned in all three pieces of stained glass (which I need to put pictures of up here sometime) and two of the images you'll see on this post.

This shoot was really fun to shoot and almost as much fun to edit.  Lindsey is a great model.  She took pictures of me on Tuesday and they turned out great!  Check them out on the fashion section of her website!

Without further adieu,

All images © Kirsten Tornes Photography

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jeff said...

These are cool. That collage in the back ground looks familiar...Andrew, me and a few friends put that together. I can see the drawing he drew of his Grandpa in there. Nice work!

Lindsey Wachter Photography said...

KIRST these are amazing :) love them all!