07 April 2010


Here's a preview of a photo shoot I did today with Lindsey Wachter.  She is an amazing photographer and model and caught my dream for the shoot right away.

This has been one of my most proud shoots in a while, I came into it with a vision and almost every single one of them came out spot on to what I had imagined in my head.

One of the major reasons why I felt the need to use Lindsey for this session is that I have noticed that I sometimes have a difficult time communicating my concept for a shoot or image to my model.  Therefore, they have a hard time modeling for me.  I asked her to be my model so she could help me direct her in a more clear way.  I feel that  since she caught on to my vision quickly, she was really able to critique my communication skills well.  Isn't she just beautiful!?!?

Be waiting for more!