01 June 2010

I miss these girls!!!

So this has been a long-awaited update.  I know, its been bad lately.  After moving to South Dakota, my life is a constant catch-up game, and I finally won with these pictures.

I am really comfortable here, but I miss my friends from Indiana the most, it's hard to live so close to these beautiful people and then be over a thousand miles away so suddenly.  Adjusting is hard.  But it has really been so good.

Mike and I have done a lot of great exploring.  We went to the Badlands on monday and let me tell you, they are incredible.  Pictures to come for that, too.

So these girls were my closest roommates maybe ever in college.  I miss them everyday.  Morgan and Andrea are both artists too, so we spend all year speaking the same language and finding out how we were different even in our similarities.

Even editing through these pictures made my heart hurt.

Also, I'm obviously in some of them, and photo creds for those go to Taylor Shanks.  Thanks girl!!!!

Without further adieu....

So beautiful right??

Here's a preview from the Badlands!!!

All images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2010


Sue Klingenberg said...

Kirsten...I cant wait to see your Badlands pictures!!! We are going there again in July and your pics always inspire me to be a better photographer :)

you'll do great in South Dakota!!!

Morgan Grove said...

I LOVEEEE IT ALLL! This makes me miss you more but I'm so happy that you are having a wonderful time in Rapid City...and I can't wait to hear more about the badlands trip! I love you lady!