01 May 2010

last film of college

Today I graduated from college.  It's really exciting but really REALLY sad.  Goodbyes are the worst.

But now I'm sitting here, watching Away We Go and drinking a glass of wine, looking through the last of the film I processed at IWU.  They are wonderful memories.

The first project that I have here is a documentation I did on with my holga of all the places around Marion that have become really important to me.  I hope that this project will continue in every city I live in.  For now, here's Marion, IN.

This is the roll of film I shot of Lindsey for my last project.  You already saw the digital versions of these, and this is the filmstrip.

and some more things.

Pictures coming soon of my beautiful roommates from this year!!!

All images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography
Please Don't Steal.

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Megan said...

You're amazing! I admire what you do!!!!!! Hope you're doing well babe!