20 October 2009

Study of the Masters

Let me first say that this week is crazy.

Photo shoot yesterday, Master Study. We had to choose product photos we liked from professional photographer's sites and re create them. I had a lot of problems with my first idea so I changed and tried another. Neither turned out how I like right out of camera, but after editing they seem to be ok.

Let me know which you like best!

© Matt Armendariz

© Kirsten Tornes

© Lou Manna

© Kirsten Tornes

Please dont steal.


k baergen said...

i definitely like the pomegranates better. but that's probably because i'm kinda bias to pomegranates and their color.

Secondhand Happenings said...

I think I’m going to go with the donuts but I’m kinda bias to donuts and their taste! Haha! I think that you have the color of the pomegranates right on but it’s the lighting/perspective on the donuts that make it more exact… I would just warm up the over all tone. Great job!!! I love when you post! –Erika

Marmalade Creative said...

So cool. Love these.

I must echo Kami, as I love pomegranates and their amazingly vibrant hue.

As for the last time I was in town, I cannot allow you to take all the blame. This Sunday evening through Tuesday we have an opportunity to redeem ourselves.

Let's make it happen.