28 January 2010

Lots of Updates


I am back at school for my last semester (sigh of relief) and busier than I have ever been before.

My senior show is coming up and I am pretty behind on the work relating to getting it all done.

I will keep the concept and everything a secret for now.  Hopefully that will draw people to come.  It's still unclear as to where the show will be, and hopefully the location my group proposed will be approved by tomorrow.  If not, the search will continue.

My images for that are due on February 11th for review, critique and, panel approval.  Final submission will be the hanging on February 19th.  The show is on the following Monday the 22nd.

If you can, I would love to see as many people as possible.  This has been an incredible journey to get this far and I am really proud of the work and concept I'm dealing with.  I hope to share it with as many people as possible.  That day will really be a special time of celebration for me.

That's my plug for now.  Another will most definitely be coming especially when I figure out the location.  :o)

In other news, I did a documentary shoot of my mom when I was at home that I STILL haven't had the time to edit through.  I love taking pictures of my parents.  I'll get those up here when I finally get to them.

My new camera came in.  I have upgraded from my little Rebel xt to a (still older version but WAY nicer) 1DS Mark II.  The camera is beautiful and I am really happy with it.

Yesterday in the midst of working test prints in Van Dyke Brown for my show, I did a product shoot for the coffee shop I work at, McConn.  We came out with a new drink recently, a mixture of yogourt and our frozen Jet Tea Smoothie.

All images are © Kirsten Tornes Photography

Please Don't Steal


bethany grace said...


sigh, I miss McConn

sigh, I miss Miss Kirsten!

Harry said...

I've loved watching your growth as an artist. Keep up the hard work. I hope after your senior exhibit you post some of them online as I live too far away and it might be a little strange as I only know you from online.

Lindsey Wachter Photography said...

oooh gurlll.. those look really good! my fav is the final one. sweet sweet.

pinsandneedles said...

Love the pictures! Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the photo shoot of your mom...Will for sure be there for your Senior Show!

Alicia said...

I saw this today on the tv screens in Mcconn and said to my friend, "woah, those look really good."
They're awesome pictures.
and you made me want one, so I'd say mission accomplished! haha

Marmalade Bleue said...

Kirsten, you are so amazing and your work is transient, everyone has known it for ages. I am stoked to see the manifestation of your work. Good luck as you prepare- it's meant to come in the last minute.