08 December 2009

World Wide Websites

I realized that the only class I haven't put up work here is Web Design.

My experience in this class has surprised me quite a bit. I went into it thinking it would be a really practical class but that I would hate it. Amazingly enough I loved the class and am thinking that I would like to consider doing some web designing for other people or companies.

I designed a site for myself that I'm not completely sure if I like or not. Please please please give me your input. I got harsh critique at first and have since changed it quite a bit. Let me know what works and what doesn't. I've been staring at it far too long. :o)

Here are just three pages of the site:

It's hard to see but the navigation bar at the top links you to all the different galleries I have available.

I bought a domain name and web space. So as soon as I finish editing it up and making it perfect, I can make it live! (This is really exciting for me)

The other site I designed is in relation to the site CSS Zen Garden. The site allows web designers to download a sample xhtml code and stylize it using CSS. Designers can then submit their design back to Zen Garden and show off their ability as web designers.

So, I started out with this design as the default everything:

Five hours of designing later, I came up with this solution:

Thoughts/feedback/critique please!

All designs are © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2009
Please don't steal.


andendquote said...

the first shot of your site won't open! but I like it!

oh man I used to know a little bit of HTML

not anymore

Kirsten Tornes Photography said...

i'm not sure why it's doing that.
if anyone knows why it links to separate pages for some images and not for others, let me know.

Michael Henry said...

Your Zen Garden page looks so good.
And I can't wait for your new site.

Grace and peace, love.