06 July 2009

this is what i do

I figured after a month of silence I should probably update this.

And what a better way to do that than add some wedding photography so all my lovely fans can see what I love to do!

I was cleaning through my hard drive, preparing for the wedding this weekend and I found pictures from all the weddings I have done so far. It's really amazing to see the growth that I have gone under and the experiences that I have had in the world of wedding photography so far.

In this entry I'm posting pictures from my first wedding, of Pat and Brittany Eckhardt. They had a beautiful and simple wedding of close friends and family in Muncie, Indiana at Muncie Alliance Church. The couple actually just celebrated their one year anniversary. Congrats Pat & Brittany!

All images © Kirsten Tornes Photography 2008

More to come soon!

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